Wednesday, September 3, 2008




"Thor, the Frost King's Bride"
Cricket Magazine, December 2005



"On A Black Horse"
The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine & Death,
Pill Hill Press, April 2010

"But He Had Wings"
Honorable Mention, Writers & Illustrators of the Future contest
3rd Quarter, 2008

The World Between Earth and Sky
Books Unbound, February 2006

Deep Magic, October 2002
Deeper Magic: The First Collection, Nov. 2003

"The Second"
The Leading Edge, April 2003

"A Ghost of Roses"
Anotherealm, August 2002

"One True Gift"
Anotherealm, May 2002

"Weep Not for the Innocent"
Alternate Realities, November/December 2001



"The Same Old Shoes"
ShadowKeep, August 2002

"Quieting the Beast"
ShadowKeep, May 2002



"Red, Blue, Silence"
Cenotaph Pocket Edition, August 2003

Mocha Memoirs, November 2002

Flashquake, June 2002

"Dreaming in Color"
Wired Art from Wired Hearts, May/June 2001
Silver Muse Webzine, April 2002

"Motionless Wings"
Mocha Memoirs, February 2001